Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Programme Introduction

Bachelor of Computer Engineering (B.E. Computer), is a four year technical academic programme awarding a degree of engineering in computer science. A solid background of science and brilliant mathematics is emphasized in any faculties of engineering and so does B.E. Computer. The normal duration of B.E. program is four years (divided into 8 semesters). The courses are supplemented with laboratory practices with state of the art of computing systems.


Students who have passed 10+2 science, Intermediate of Engineering or equivalent examination with at least second division marks in aggregate.


The prominent objectives of B.E. Computer are:

  • To provide students the fundamental knowledge and skill to develop them as a high quality leading engineer and advanced researcher standing among the 21st century’s info-based society.
  • To produce technical manpower for the development of nation and to produce high class manpowers infaour of country and country’s development fully skilled and trained manpower to solve software problems, discover software solutions for different business related to organizations.
  • To provide an in-depth knowledge of specific subdisciplines chosen by the students as areas of special interest in the form of elective courses.

Career Opportunities

Computer engineers are employed essentially in all areas of industry, government sector, education sector, banking, multinational sectors, NGOs, INGOs etc. They serve as customized application developers, system analysts, network administrators, software engineers and database administrators, and involve themselves in the process of solving problems.


Further Studies

B.E. graduates can proceed to pursue master level studies in Computer Engineering, Information and Communication, Computer Information Systems, Business Administration and other areas.


Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
MTH001 Engineering Mathematics I 3
Chemistry 4
Communication Technique 2
Basic Electronics Engineering 3
Programming in C 3
Mechanical Workshop

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
MTH002 Engineering Mathematics II 3
Physics 3
Applied Mechanics I 3
Thermal Science 3
Object Oriented Programming in C++ 3
Engineering Drawing

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
MTH003 Engineering Mathmatics III 3
Data Structure and Algorithms 3
Electrical Engineering Materials 2
Electronics Devices and Circuits 3
Logic Circuit 3
Network Theory 3

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
Engineering Mathmatics IV 3
Microprocessor 3
Programming Technology
Database Management System 3
Project I

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
Computer Graphics 3
Probability and Statistics 3
Theory of Computation 3
Numerical Method 3
Operating System 3
Computer Architecture 3

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
Data Communication 3
Embedded System 3
Simulation and Modeling 3
Project II
Object Oriented Software Engineering 3
Elective I

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
Artificial Intelligence 3
Computer Network 3
Engineering Economics 3
ICT Project Management 3
Image Processing and Pattern Recognization 3

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
Organization and Management 3
Digital signal analysis and processing 3
Information system
Social and Professional issue in IT
Elective II
Project II

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
CMP 416 NET Technology 3
CMP 417 Advance Java 3
CMP 418 Advance Web Technology 3
CMP 474 Aeronautical Communacation 3
CMP 458 Artifical Neural Network 3
CMP 428 Big Data Technology 3
CMP 489 Bioinformatics 3
ELX 474 Biomedical Instrumention 3
CMP472 CDMA Technology 3
CMM 473 Cellular Mobile Communication 3
CMP 427 Cloud Computing 3
CMP 429 Compiler Design 3
CMP 425 Data mining 3
CMM 443 Digital Communacition Techniques 3
CMP426 Distributed Database Management System 3
CMP 431 Distributed Operating Syster 3
ELE 450 Electric Energy System Management 3
ELE 455 Klectrical Drives 3
MGT 421 Engineering Entrepreneurship 3
ENV 487 Enviromental Impact Assessment 3
CMP 423 ERP 3
CMP 422 Formal Methods in Software Engineering 3
CMP 488 Fuzzy Logic with Enginering Application 3
CMP 424 Geographic Information System 3
CMM 471 GSM Cellular Mobile Communication System 3
CMP 442 Human Computer Interaction 3
CMP 487 Internwt Technology 3
CMP 439 Internet, Intranet and Application 3
CMP 437 IP Switching And Routing 3
ELX 476 Mechatronics 3
ELE 451 Micro Hydro Power 3
ELX 471 Microwaves Devices 3
CMP 486 Mobile Computing 3
CMP 459 Natural Language Processing 3
CMP 438 Network Security 3
CMM 478 Next Generation Wireless Communication 3
CMM 475 Optical Fiber Communication 3
CMP 419 Oricle 3
CMP 419 Parallel Computing 3
ELE 456 Power System Reliability 3
ELX 472 Principles of Robortics And Modeling 3
CMP 432 Real Time Operating System 3
ELE 452 Rural Electrification 3
CMM 476 Satellite Communication 3
ELE 454 Solar Photovoliaic Technology 3
CMM 477 Spread Spectrum Technology 3
MTH 481 Statistical Quality Control 3
ELX 475 Technology System Design 3
ELX 473 VLSI Design 3
CMP 485 Web Services And Application 3
CMM 412 Wireless Communicatiob Technology 3

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