Bachelor of Business Administration

Programme Introduction

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), is a four year technical academic programme which provides a bachelor degree in the faculty of management studies. The normal duration of B.B.A. programme is four years (divided into 8 semesters). The programme provides sound conceptual foundation and practical skills to the students in various business areas.


Students who have passed 10+2 level or equivalent examination with minimum second division marks in any discipline.



The prominent objectives of B.B.A. are:

  • To produce qualified professionals who are well equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge in management and decision making.
  • To inculcate positive attitudes, abilities and practical skills that are essential for a socially responsible and competent manager.
  • To provide an in-depth knowledge of specific subdisciplines chosen by the students in the areas of their special interest through elective courses.

Career Opportunities

B.B.A. is a world recognized academic programme in the Management Field, designed specifically to produce well versed administrator incised with modern techno-management skills. In the rapidly changing environment, today the business world is confronting different issues related to sustainability and growth. The B.B.A. graduates, for their applied management know-how, now become overriding interest of business, finance, insurance, manufacturing, non government, government and MNCs sectors while recruiting the administered level personnel.


Further Studies

Students with a degree of B.B.A. are eligible to study in the faculty related to Management and Information Technology all over the world for further studies, such as M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration), M.B.S. (Master of Business Studies), M.B.M. (Master of Business and Management) and others.


Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
English I
Business Mathematics I
Financial Accounting I
Principles of Management
Computer and IT applications

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
Business Mathematics II
English II
Financial Accounting II
General Psychology
Introductory Microeconomics

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
Business Statistics
Business Communication I
Essentials of Finance
Fundamental of Socilogy
Introductory Macroeconomics

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
Business Communication II
Fundamental of Organizational Behaviour
Principles of Marketting
Data Analysis and Modeling
Financial Management

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
Basics and Managerial Accounting
Business Research Methods
Management of Human Resource
Fundamental of Operations Management
Concentration I

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
Introduction to Management Information System
Legal Aspect of Business and Technology
Business and Society
Project Work
Concentration II

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
Business Environment in Nepal
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
Elective I
Concentration III

Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
Strategic Management
Introduction to international Business
Essential of e-Business
Elective II
Concentration IV

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