Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.)

Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.), is a four year technical academic programme which provides a bachelor degree in the faculty of science and technology. The normal duration of B.C.A. programme is four years (divided into 8 semesters). The course is supplemented with laboratory practices on grounds of state of the art of computing  systems.


Students who have passed 10+2 level or equivalent examination in any discipline scoring atleast second division marks with mathematics or computer science or both as optional subjects.


The prominent objectives of B.C.A. are:

  • To produce highly qualified professionals well equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge in computer systems and its application.
  • To produce fully skilled and trained manpower capable of solving the software problems, discovering software solutions related to different organizations.
  • To produce in-depth knowledge of specific sub-disciplines chosen by the students in the areas of their special interest through elective courses.


Further Studies

Students with a degree of B.C.A. are eligible to study in the faculties related to the management and  Information technology all over the world for further studies, such as M.C.A. (Master of Computer Application), M. Sc. IT (Master of Science in Information Technology, M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration), M.B.S. (Master of Business Studies) and others.

Career Opportunities

B.C.A. is an academic programme designed to produce technical human resources lanced with required management skills. Business Environment and organizational system are now changing drastically. This, along with a continuous development in Information Technology, spurs the ever-lasting job opportunities for B.C.A. graduates in the field of business, finance, insurance, manufacturing, non government, government, MNCs and Information Centers. From data processor to high ranked officials in different firms, the graduates from NAST are successfully proving their talents and skills learned during their academic period at home and at tough competitive market in abroad as well.